Charles Green Portable Stool

Charles Green Portable Stool

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A mahogany portable Camp Stool by Charles Green of London.

The concept of the stool is simple but very effective. The underside of the two part, hinged seat has recesses of the exact size to fit the four legs once removed. The seat then folds on its hinges to halve its size and form a small case with swing hooks to keep it closed. The addition of a small brass handle allows it to be carried like a small case.

To assemble the stool, the numbered legs are removed and inserted into their corresponding holes to the underside of the seat. The legs and holes each have a brass ferrule, some of which have been replaced, to help strengthen them. The two short sides of the stool each have a slide bar to lock the case top open and so prevent it from buckling under you.

Charles Green registered the design for this stool on the 26th July 1878 in London and this is stamped on both halves of the underside of the seat along with each leg. He is known to have been active in London between 1846 and 1887.

This stool is a classic piece of campaign furniture with Green naming it a Camp Stool,adding it that it 'This Stool is specially fitted for Fishing, Cricket, Sketching, Pic-Nics, and many other purposes; it supplies a want long felt and is combined with Elegance and Durability. Circa 1880.

Dimensions set up are given.


Height 34 cm / 13 12"
Width 38.5 cm / 15 "
Depth 28 cm / 11 "

Late 19th Century






Registered in London 26th July 1878, No 6066


Campaign Furniture


Some repaired damage around leg sockets. Some ferrules replaced.