Folding Rocking Chair

Folding Rocking Chair



A teak folding Rocking Chair with slung carpet seat.

Although not immediately apparent, the addition of an extra bar used to link the 2 main bars of the X-frame enables this portable chair to rock. Most X-frame chairs would simply be joined at the point that the 2 parts cross.

To fold the chair, with the seat in the fully reclined position, the front seat bar can be lifted up towards the bar to the top of the back. If the seat isn't reclined, the frame won't be able to pass through to fold.

The owner of this chair must have commissioned a carpet slung seat with their initials E.B., which are also painted behind the front cross stretcher. The carpet is also 3 inches narrower to the top from the bottom to ensure it fits the chair correctly. The seat is fixed to both the top and bottom by a bar which sandwiches it to the chair frame. These bars are each fixed with 2 thumb bolts and a central bolt.

The chair is well made with additional, shaped metal braces fixed across the corners for extra strength. The front of each teak bar used in the construction is also rounded to the edges. A comfortable chair and an interesting design. Circa 1900.


Height 78.71 cm / 31 "
Width 59.67 cm / 23 "
Depth 93.94 cm / 37 "

Circa 1900


Teak and Carpet




Campaign Rocking Chair

The Salute

Good. Minor wear as to be expected.