Masonic Campaign Chair

Masonic Campaign Chair



A Georgian mahogany Masonic Chair.

The method of dismantling this chair is similar to that found on campaign Bergere Chairs. The arms, which are marked I for the right and II for the left, are fixed with bolts to the back of the chair. Once removed, the arm posts unscrew as will the front legs. The seat is hinged to the back but is held in position by 2 bolts. Once removed it will fold flush to the back which remains as one piece. The difference to a Bergere's design is that the arm posts are made as separate pieces. The construction is strong with both the arms and the seat also having tenons where they meet the back and the bolts are fixed. The brass screw fittings to the arm posts and the front legs, along with their corresponding nut plates are also made for strength. The most vulnerable joints to the chair are the rounded shoulders to the top of the back. These are strengthened with an inset brass plate to both the top and the back. It is likely that these are later but they have certainly been on a very long time. The bulbous legs and arms are reeded whilst fluted decoration is also used elsewhere on the chair. The panel to the head rest is veneered in flame mahogany and is inlaid in satinwood with masonic symbols of a level, square with compass and plumrule and gavel. The panel is removable, which is of note. This suggests that either the chair had more than one panel or, with the panel removed, could be used simply as a chair.

There were nearly 550 regimental Lodges established between 1732 and 1850 with more forming later. Many, by their nature, were travelling lodges but when regiments garrisoned a town for a long period they sometimes became immovable lodges. The fact that this chair is designed to be portable suggests it belonged to a travelling lodge. It is an interesting and rare piece of antique campaign furniture to come onto the market. Early 19th Century.


Height 122 cm / 48 "
Width 61 cm / 24 "
Depth 61 cm / 24 "

Early 19th Century






Masonic Symbols


Campaign Chair

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