Portable Regency Bergere Armchair

Portable Regency Bergere Armchair



This antique mahogany Bergere Armchair breaks down for travel by unscrewing the legs and the bolts that hold the arms to the back.

With the legs and back bolts removed, the arm panels will lift off. They are located to the back by a loose tenon joint to the top and a lug to the bottom. With the arms off, the seat will fold, after the removal of two bolts, on its hinges against the back section. This chair is a good example of the type of campaign furniture that on first look appears to be simply a fine domestic armchair. It is only on a second look that you see the brass caps to the tops of the legs and the bottom of the arm posts. When you face the back you see the two bolts that hold the arms in place.

The officer who owned this chair had a piece that not only offered great comfort but also was very fashionable to the day. It has been well made with a reeded moulding to the top of the arms which carries through to the back, the front seat rail and is echoed in the legs. It has been made in a good workshop and the circular, inset brass sleeves to receive the back bolts illustrates the attention to detail. Circa 1820.


Height 96 cm / 38"
Width 59.5 cm / 23 "
Depth 69 cm / 27 "

Circa 1820





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