Holyrood Folding Table

Holyrood Folding Table


This table is made of mahogany with secondary timber of oak, both of which have been ebonized.

The action is very simple but effective allowing the table to fold flat. The legs are made as pairs that simple twist so that the thinner pair fit neatly inside the larger pair. The top is hinged to then lie flat against the legs. The maker's oval, pressed brass label of J & J Smith of Peebles give the table's name and the Patent number of 13796. Smith described themselves as Coachbuilders, Cabinetmakers and Upholsterers, Auctioneers and Valuators. They had a factory at Dovecot and warerooms at High Street, Peebles. They were certainly in existence by 1890 but probably earlier. It is known that they also made an oval version which was not ebonized.

The National Museums of Scotland have a Holyrood table in their collection. This table makes a useful extra side table that can be quickly set up or folded away. Circa 1910.


Height 65 cm / 25 34"
Width 61 cm / 24 "
Depth 44.5 cm / 17 "

Circa 1910


Mahogany & Oak




J & J Smith Plaque

Flying The Flag