Watt Patent Folding Side Table

Watt Patent Folding Side Table



A walnut low Table with label for John Watts Ltd. of Sheffield and London.

The metal plaque label also notes Patents Pending. The patents refer to the folding system that Watts used, with patents awarded in 1931 and 1934. The two halves of the top are linked one each side by 4 strips of metal connected to each other by pivot pins, allowing the top to both fold open and closed in one quick movement. The legs, joined as pairs by a stretcher, also have metal fittings fixing them to the underside of the top that allow them to fold as the top does. The table has a metal swing catch to the underside to lock it in the open position.

We have had 2 similar tables by Watts before but this example differs in that it also has a walnut plywood shelf half way up the legs. Its made as 2 parts hinged together so that it also follows the folding action. The folding mechanism, octagonal leg terminating in a ball foot and the moulding to the top's edge are all the same. They were aimed at the domestic market rather than those travelling, useful to pull out when occasion called for an extra table.

Watts were established in 1765 and started out as cutlers in Lambert Street, Sheffield. They have had a long history and have diversified along the way becoming known for their razors, flatware and scissors. In the 20th Century they moved into furniture manufacture. Given that the label suggests that Watts' patents hadn't yet been granted at the time of manufacture, the table can be put at circa 1930.


Height 62 cm / 24 "
Diameter 61 cm / 24 "

Circa 1930






Patents Pending. John Watts Sheffield & London


Folding Coffee Table


Good. Dark water mark to the top.