Campaign Washstand With Towel Rail

Campaign Washstand With Towel Rail



A mahogany, brass and iron Campaign Washstand with cut outs to take soap dishes etc.

This portable Washstand follows the standard design followed by a number of makers; the three mahogany boards are separated by metal columns that screw into each other, the feet to the base and the finials to the top. Unscrewing these parts allows the Washstand to be broken down into 20 parts to pack for travel.

This example is a little different though. The metal columns are iron painted black as opposed to brass, which is seen on most. They are topped and tailed by the brass finials and feet. It is probable that they were made of iron to allow for a different price point and with so few seen today, presumably were less popular. The Washstand also has another unusual feature and that is the fitting to the top of one iron column to take a removable brass bar to act as a towel rail. This bar swings on its fitting and unscrews from it for packing.

Portable Washstands of this design were a common piece of furniture for officers throughout the second half of the 19th century but this one stands out for being a little bit different. Circa 1860.


Height 85.06 cm / 33 "
Width 62.21 cm / 24 "
Depth 45.7 cm / 18 "

Circa 1860


Mahogany, brass and iron




Campaign Washstand

From Chair To Cannon

Iron repairs to strengthen top board. Screw in towel rail bar replaced