Portable Music Stand by Ward

Portable Music Stand by Ward

Maker / Retailer


Although John Ward are known to have made some items of portable furniture, it is more likely that this folding brass music stand was aimed at the domestic market.

It was not uncommon for musicians to travel to perform at both private and public engagements and this music stand would have been a practical piece of equipment. Having said that, as Brawer notes in British Campaign Furniture, Capt. Hope Grant of the 9th Lancers employed 93 men in India to carry his numerous musical instruments to Simla, when he was posted there in 1845. Such a highly portable stand would have made their load a little easier. The stand is telescopic and the central column extends by 14 1/2. The hinged tripod legs each slide through a fixed collar and are spread out to support the stand. They can be set at various heights and spread fixed by a winged bolt. This stand is very well made, the floral decorated brass finely cast brass and the attention to detail evident in the shaped wing bolts. The top section, that holds the sheet music, is made of gilt brass straps riveted to each other to allow them to fold. It is held in place by the central vertical strap that has a dovetail to the bottom which fits into a corresponding female section. The maker's name J. Ward and Patentee is marked to the top of the tripod section. This music stand adheres to their interest in adjustable, folding and practical furniture. Circa 1880.

Full height is given.


Height 157.5 cm / 62 "
Width 38.5 cm / 15 "
Depth 30.5 cm / 12 "






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