Portable Thunderbox

Portable Thunderbox


A mahogany Portable Thunderbox or Commode.

Everything about this piece of furniture has been done or used to ensure the highest quality. The brass ware used to the strap work and the unusual campaign handles, the silver plating to the bucket and its ebony handle and porcelain liner, the corner hinges with quadrant supports and the lock with its key, the brass hinges, lopers, locks and plates under the feet and the timber selected have all been chosen because they were likely the best that could bought. The cabinet work compliments all these parts to give a wonderful piece of furniture.

When packed, the commode forms a box but for use the hinged feet to its underside are released from their slide locks and held in place by brass lopers which also fold out. The box interior has a hinged board, to form a seat, with hole to the middle for the bucket and its cover. The bucket and cover are gilt lined. Inside the bucket is a porcelain liner with handles to the inside edge of the lip.

This Thunderbox would originally have been purchased by someone of wealth and it remains in very good condition. Early 19th Century.

Size set up is given.


Height 45.7 cm / 18 "
Width 36.82 cm / 14 "
Depth 38.09 cm / 15 "

Early 19th Century.




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