Leather Boot Trunk

Leather Boot Trunk


An unnamed leather Boot Trunk with removable lid.

The trunk has two fixed straps that are used to secure the lid during travel. Originally the trunk would have had three or four trays to each hold a pair of boots. With the lid completely removed, the trays would have been easier to lift out.

The trunk is well made and was designed to be robust. Large brass studs have been used along with reinforced leather corners and iron straps from the sides to the base. The carrying handles have brass keeps to hold them in place. The interior is lined in linen. As is fairly typical with such trunks, the top has sunk a little. However, it is a great height to go by the side of a chair or the end of a bed and a piece of strengthened glass, held in place by the straps, would give a flat surface if required. Alternatively you could just put a tray on top. Mid to late 19th Century.


Height 47 cm / 18 "
Width 74 cm / 29 14"
Depth 41 cm / 16 14"

Mid to late 19th Century


Leather Hide




Leather Luggage


Generally good but some wear to leather and the top has sunk a little. The trays are missing.