Small Leather Mule Trunk

Small Leather Mule Trunk


An unusually small leather Mule Trunk.

The size of this Mule or Bullock Trunk makes it stand out from the more common type you see with either leather or rope carrying handles. This trunk has iron handles to the sides with large back plates and the iron hanging rings, long since removed, were fixed to the back of the top rather than the back. Evidence of where their leather holding loops were neatly cut can still be seen. The trunk is lined with blue and white Manchester ticking to the interior and the lid has a large iron hasp to fit a padlock. The top three inches of the front of the trunk is hinged to fold forward for easier access. The base of the trunk is not fitted with a tin tray, again separating it from the standard design, and has wooden sledge feet running from front to back. The top provides a good flat surface and the trunk is bound with iron straps. There is evidence that the trunk once had the initials ACT painted to the front.

An interesting variant on the Mule Trunk. Late 19th Century.


Height 33.5 cm / 13 "
Width 65 cm / 25 34"
Depth 38.5 cm / 15 "

Late 19th Century


Leather on Softwood




Campaign Trunk


Generally Good. Iron Hanging Loops Have Been Removed.