Book Flask

Book Flask


A red leather and chrome Book Flask.

Dixon's of Sheffield came up with this design as both a novelty and a response to prohibition in America. They made the flasks in 3 sizes of 4, 8 and 24 ozs and sold them in a choice of red, brown or green leather. This is a later version than others we have seen and there is no maker's name to the flask. Either it is a copy of a DIxon's flask or the company changed the way they marked their items.

The chrome corner cap is held onto the book by clips and pulls off. The earlier versions had a bayonet fitting to the corner section. With the corner removed, the flask cap simply unscrews.

The flask is stamped Made in England and the book is titled Have One. Mid 20th Century.


Height 14 cm / 5 "
Width 10.5 cm / 4 "
Depth 3 cm / 1 "