History of America Backgammon Book Box

History of America Backgammon Book Box


A leather on softwood Games Box.

The box is made as a pair of faux books titled the 'History of America'. This was a common design for backgammon sets at the turn of 1900 with a number of retailers, including the A&N CSL, selling them. They typically game in 3 different sizes and quality with this example likely to be the middle size. The counters for playing backgammon and draughts or checkers would be bought separately, as would a box of chess men.

This set has a leather dice tumbler along with ebony and boxwood turned counters and a pair of bone dice. Most of these sets have the titles History of England Vol. I and Vol. II to the faux book spines. The History of America titles are less common. Although there is come discolouring to the leather and minor knocks to the corners etc. we would say the the condition is good. Early 20th Century.

Size for play is given. Double the height and halve depth for closed size.


Height 3.17 cm / 1 "
Width 37.45 cm / 14 "
Depth 42.53 cm / 16 "

Circa 1900


Leather on Softwood




Games Box


Overall good. Minor knocks and wear