Platt's Improved Patent Portable Folding Boots & Shoe Stand And Drier

Platt's Improved Patent Portable Folding Boots & Shoe Stand And Drier

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A walnut Portable Shoe Stand by James Platt & Co. of 77 St. Martin's Lane, London.

Platt's described it as their 'Improved Patent Portable Folding Boot & Shoe Stand And Drier' in their adverts of 1890.

The use of the word improved suggests the design came after the simpler wall mounted, single rack that followed MacDonald's Patent that they also made and sold.

Their advert noted '
This has been found to be the most perfect article yet introduced, holding the largest number of boots in the smallest possible space, for the purpose of drying as sixteen pairs of Gentleman's or twenty-four pairs of Ladies Boots can be placed before the fire at one time. The Boots can be hung from the heel, or in the case of Shooting Boots suspended by the waist, so that the water must run out. By means of this invention, the Scorching or Burning of Boots placed before the fire is avoided. The stand takes to pieces and can be packed up in a minute, occupying only a space of 27 by 11 by 1 ½ inches. In polished oak, mahogany or walnut, 21s. Suggested by a practical Sportsman. It is invaluable to Officers in the Army or Navy, Sportsmen or Anglers. No Shooting or Fishing Box, especially in the Highlands, should be without it. It will also be found most useful in Country Mansions and Hotels.'

There was obviously a need to be able to dry wet boots in front of a fire in an easy and orderly manner at the end off the 19th century. This need may not be as important today, but the stand does very well at its main purpose which is for hanging a large number of boots and shoes.

Although they have no doubt over emphasised the many qualities of the stand, it does pack down to a very small size and is very practical for hanging a number of boots and shoes by their heels. Their advert also looks to hit as many markets as possible from the Country House to the Sportsman or Military Officer. A number of companies at the end of the 19th century realised that campaign furniture was very useful to more than just the Army and Navy.

The two uprights both have a faded stamp to the wood which looks to give the stand's title of '
Improved Patent Portable Folding Boot & Shoe Stand And Drier' surrounding 'Platt's Patent No. 2584'. The patent number is the same used on their hanging rack.

The design of the stand to 'flat pack' with the different components all securely fixed between the uprights is imaginative and reduces the size very efficiently. It is still very useable today providing the shoes or boots hung on it have a heel. Circa 1900.

Size set up is given.

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Height 67.28 cm / 26 "
Width 66.01 cm / 26 "
Depth 27.93 cm / 11 "

Circa 1900


Walnut & Brass




Improved Patent Portable Folding Boot & Shoe Stand And Drier


Campaign Furniture