Bengal Troops on the Line of March

Bengal Troops on the Line of March



The full title of of this Panorama is Bengal Troops on the Line of March, a Panoramic Sketch by an Officer of that Army .

According to the artist, Captain William Andrew Ludlow of the 12th Bengal Native Infantry : 'This hasty sketch, put together on board Ship, was originally undertaken as much for the purpose of breaking the monotony of a long sea voyage, as to give to a numerous acquaintance at home a better idea of Troops moving in the East, than the Designer could convey in conversation. Their favourable notice has induced him to publish it, in its original rough state-a 'Sketch' and nothing more. In the Upper Provinces of the Residency of Fort William where the greatest portion of his fourteen years service has been passed, the scenes and figures he has here attempted to depict have from time to time been put on Paper.'

This 18 section hand coloured lithograph panorama shows the wonderful confusion that was a Line of March in India in the early 19th century. The different sections of the march are titled so we can pick out 'Camp Baggage' camels and elephants carrying the 'Mess Tent' laden with chairs etc. There is little available that illustrates campaign equipment and its transit but this panorama gives a wonderful insight into all that was involved in the army moving camp in India during this period. Published by Day & Haghe, circa 1830.

Total size of lithograph is given.


Height 864 cm / 340 "
Width 12.5 cm / 5"
Depth 0.5 cm / "

Circa 1830


Lithographic Print


Captain William Andrew Ludlow

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