The Percy Wardrobe Antique Campaign Chest

The Percy Wardrobe Antique Campaign Chest

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The teak Percy Wardrobe was a registered design of the Army & Navy C.S.L and it has an ivorine plaque to the edge of the top drawer noting them as the makers.

Although it looks like a plan chest, it has half the depth and was made to take a single pair of trousers in each of the 9 drawers in the top section. The bottom section was designed to take both 2 coats and vest in each of its 5 drawers. Originally there would have been a fitting in each of the top drawers to stretch the trousers but as there is no marks or evidence of their existence presumably they were made separately and so were removable. Each of the drawers is stamped with a number to the side, which can be seen when they are opened. As the description opposite from the A & N C.S.L's catalogue notes, this campaign chest is brass bound and it seems was only ever made in teak. However, packing cases could be purchased to protect the chest.

The Percy Wardrobe is an uncommon campaign chest but is quite practical allowing for only 1 layer of clothing in each drawer. However, instead of trousers a number of shirts could be set side by side in the top drawers, making each one easy to find. Circa 1900.


Height 122 cm / 48 "
Width 117 cm / 46 14"
Depth 43.5 cm / 17 14"