Glazed Campaign Book Cabinet

Glazed Campaign Book Cabinet



A mahogany, glazed Campaign Book Cabinet with adjustable shelves.

This is an unusual size for a portable Book Cabinet with most others being taller in height. When fully opened its length is also a couple of inches longer than a standard campaign chest.

The cabinet is very plain with a slightly rounded edge but the moulding to the glass is finely cut and stands out as well made. There is one shelf to each side and they can be set at a variety of different positions. A curiosity to the cabinet is that the lefthand door has an inset hard wood escutcheon whilst the other side doesn't. However, the lock to fix the two sides together, to form a box whilst travelling, also has a hard wood escutcheon with some effort made to cut it to a decorative shape. Both escutcheons look like they could be period and were certainly done a long time ago but as the one door is plain you have to assume that they are later additions.

The back and sides have been prone to past marks and scratches with an uneven finish to the polish. There are two holes to the base where it has been screwed down at some point to a chest. The cabinet probably had a packing case originally which has been long since lost, as with most pieces of campaign furniture.

Book Cabinets are useful pieces of furniture, and this could be set on a campaign chest or set on a wall bracket etc. Mid to late 19th Century.

Size fully open for use is given.


Height 52.5 cm / 20 "
Width 105 cm / 41 "
Depth 23 cm / 9 "

Mid 19th Century






Some scratches & marks. Escutcheons possible replaced. Dull finish to some parts.