Railway Decanter By S. Mordan & Co.

Railway Decanter By S. Mordan & Co.


A glass decanter bottle with a stirrup drinking glass that also acts as the stopper.

The small decanter with glass is housed in a dark red leather on card case which is stamped with the maker's name 'S. Mordan & Co.' London' in gilt. The letter T is stamped in a circle with a star edge to the top and may have been to identify the owner.

This form of travel decanter was often marketed under the name of a Railway Companion with the aim of providing refreshment to the traveller. A few different companies produced their own versions of them. Sampson Mordan & Co. are better known for their silver propelling pencils and sets of scales but offered a wide range of luxury goods, with many practical for the traveller. Late 19th Century.

Railway Companions
The rise in travel by rail in the second half of the 19th century and the need to occupy your time on a long journey, opened up a new market for makers of travel and luxury goods. Railway Companions would provide you with refreshments; games boards that could sit on the knees of two passengers sat opposite each other provided entertainment; kit bag locks could secure your belongs to overhead racks or railings. Railway Companions were made by a few different makers, and some were unnamed. The glass also acting as a stopper for the decanter saved space but also meant a drink could be poured without having to hold or find somewhere to put the stopper whilst doing so.


Height 16.5 cm / 6 "
Width 6.98 cm / 2 34"
Depth 6.35 cm / 2 "

Late 19th Century.


Leather and glass




S. Mordan & Co. and T in serrated edge circle


Railway Companion

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