Patent Travelling Candlesticks

Patent Travelling Candlesticks



A rectangular pair of silver plate Patent Travelling Candlesticks.

The concept for this pair of portable candlesticks is derived from the Brighton Bun but has been taken a step further so that less effort is needed to set them up. The two rectangular dishes are hinged together with the lip of one side fixing over the rebated edge of the other to ensure a firm fitting. Although hinged together, they pull apart to separate on the hinge. One half of the hinge, to one dish, has pins which locate to receiving holes to the other half of the hinge, to the second dish. The candle holders are also hinged to their dishes, to fold for packing. To use each candlestick the holder is lifted to stand vertically, butting up against a prong which holds it in place. The whole process is much quicker than unscrewing the two halves of a Brighton Bun and then screwing in place their candle holders.

It is not obvious what the patent refers to, if indeed one was taken out. It may simply have been stamped as a form of protection or to suggest that the candlesticks were unusual and so worthy of consideration. Other similar candlesticks are known with hinged candle holders. We have seen a silver pair hallmarked 1887 and an Asprey's pair hallmarked 1911. Although their case dishes were not hinged, it is difficult to believe that the patent could refer to this.

The quality of this pair of candlesticks is good with a reasonable gauge of metal used and moulding to the candle holders. The hinge fittings are also still tight. One dish is stamped Patent and 20. The two candle holders are also stamped 20 to the underside of their base. The case is engraved with the owner's initials of H.E.W. An interesting and slightly unusual version of Brighton Bun Candlesticks. Early 20th Century.

Size of each for use.


Height 5.71 cm / 2 "
Width 11.43 cm / 4 "
Depth 6.35 cm / 2 "

Early 20th Century.


Silver Plate






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