Leather Box by William Eyre

Leather Box by William Eyre


A black leather on pine or deal Box with studs to the edges.

Brass studs are also used to the front and top corners of the box for decoration. The top has a chamfered edge and a good brass carrying handle. An engraved brass name plate for 'Mrs Murray' is fixed by the handle. The box lid is held by iron hinges under the leather. Four studs are set around each hinge for added strength. The leather to the back also acts partly as a hinge and this is further strengthened by four studs around each iron hinge and a line of studs with wider gaps running along the length of the box. The box has corner supports to the interior but if they were to take a now missing tray, it would have been set very high and been shallow. The interior is lined in an orange red marbleized paper with Eyre's label to the middle of the lid's interior. The oval label notes 'Willm. Eyre, Portable Desk & Dressing Case Manufacturer, 19 Cockspur Street, London.'

The box has two sledge feet which run from side to side to raise it off the surface. The base of the box has a shrinkage split to the wood.

Other items by Eyre note that he enjoyed the patronage of the Prince Regent, amongst others. This label does not and suggests that the box was made before the Regent was a customer, the date of which we are unsure. However, we do know that the Regent became King in 1820 which gives a timeline for the box. The box is a good size, by an interesting maker and may have been used for papers etc. like a despatch box. Circa 1815.

More can be read on William Eyre by clicking on his name above.


Height 20.31 cm / 8 "
Width 40.62 cm / 16 "
Depth 27.93 cm / 11 "

Circa 1815


Leather on softwood




Willm. Eyre, Portable Desk & Dressing Case Manufacturer, 19 Cockspur Street, London


Campaign Box

From Chair To Cannon

Good, shrinkage split to base and some wear to the leather as to be expected.