Bucket Hat Box Inkwell

Bucket Hat Box Inkwell


A leather on brass Bucket Hat Box Inkwell.

This novelty inkwell, made to resemble a common piece of luggage of the day, was produced in 2 or 3 sizes and probably by a few different makers. There is a hidden, sprung button to the front which releases the catch holding the top closed. Originally there would have been a sprung bar to the back, applying tension to the top to keep it open. This has broken off and can be heard to rattle in the cavity around the inkwell.

The inner lid is opened by another sprung catch to reveal the glass bottle. This lid has a sprung pad which pushes down onto the bottle to seal it when not in use. The leather has a pair of tooled tram lines running from front to back coming together to form a point at the front of the case, to imitate a strap. The top of the case has a carrying strap which looks to be a good replacement.

Novelty inkwells have a good following amongst collectors and the shape of a hat box lends itself well to the purpose. Circa 1900.


Height 4 cm / 1 34"
Width 5.5 cm / 2 "
Depth 4 cm / 1 34"

Circa 1900


Leather on Brass


Novelty Inkwell


Good, Strap to top replaced