Cased Travel Lamp

Cased Travel Lamp



A nickel plated Travel Lamp, also known as a Doctor's Lamp.

The lamp has two rounded sections hinged to the top that, when released, open the box of the lamp to a wedge shape. This also lets air in for the candle to burn. The pin of one of the hinges to a rounded section can be pulled out to access the box interior. The front of the lamp box has bevelled glass and the back a wooden board with a pair of swing handles that lie flat against it. Above the board, a pair of hooks can be pulled out to hang the lamp from curtains etc. The column of the lamp holds the candle which is sat on a spring to force it up as it burns. When packed it pushes up into the lamp box. It pulls out to extend for use and can be completely removed. The case has two spare columns with candles that can be swapped in quickly to reduce the time without light.

The case is made of card with a faux leather covering. The lid has two tubes to the interior to hold the spare candles in place, with the lamp placed in between them.

This lamp is an early 20th century version of those made in the 19th century but takes the design on several steps with the spare candle tubes and the mechanism for the box. It is in almost unused condition and complete having its case and both spare tubes. Early 20th century.


Height 12.06 cm / 4 34"
Width 12.7 cm / 5 "
Depth 4.44 cm / 1 "

Early 20th century.


Nickel plate, glass and wood




Travel Lighting

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